April 5, 2014

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Show highlights:
* Reprise of the Kings and Queens of Wilkes-Barre
* Frank Sorick on the Wilkes-Barre City Credit Union staffing and board of directors—as well as the alleged LAG Towing/credit union connection
* Parking Enforcement Officer Nicholas Cave‘s recent plea deal
* Family Feud? How about Wilkes-Barre City Council Feud . . .
* Mike on the many conflicts of interest appearing within the family court system
* Lou: Are court personnel ignorant, incompetent, or complicit?
* Ron Shegda on Pa Department of Public Works/Human Services employee double-dipping
* Mr. X on Turkey’s leaked false flag discussion
* Mr. X on U.S. intervention in Syria
* Lou announces the “Protecting Families in memory of Senator Nancy Schaefer” rally on April 26 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Scranton Courthouse Square
* Mike on double standards and facing genuine tyranny in America today