April 19, 2014

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Another week, another investigation into the goings on of Wilkes-Barre City. Frank Sorick is in studio once again, this time to update us on the federal grand jury subpoena just delivered to the Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority, a story first broken by the Independent Gazette. Lou mentions some the cover stories and teasers on the just-printed April Scranton Independent Gazette. Paul calls in to talk about the Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club’s trip to Harrisburg on  April 29 for the 2nd Amendment Rally. The Gazette will be attending, too, as it did last year. Councilwoman Kathy Dobash, of the Luzerne County Council, calls in to mention the recent audit determination of a $7.4M shortfall in 2012 Luzerne County expenditures. She wants Monday night’s meeting concerning the matter video recorded by local media. Lou introduces an extended segment on the Electoral College, with valuable input from Mike and Mr. X, who warns about Democracy as mob rule. Mr. X shares his recent experience correcting Mark Levin on Levin’s own program—seems Levin insists on conflating non-interventionism and isolationism. Bruce Levine calls in to discuss the upcoming judicial reform rally and recent Danielle Ross sentencing and also commends the Gazette on its coverage of Custody for Cash. Sorick jumps back in to discuss the Wilkes-Barre City Taxpayers Association letter to US District Judge Edwin Kosik asking him not to be lenient in sentencing developer Robert Mericle for his role in the Kids for Cash scandal. Lou offers an update on the April 26 rally for judicial reform, closing with “What’s going on [in the judicial system] is just not right.”